Friday, May 30, 2014

Benefit- 'gimme BROW'

First thing to say is £17.50 for a product that is as big as my thumb!! 
But let me just say it is bloody brilliant! 

I went a bit crazy the other day in Boots as I had a couple of vouchers and loads of Boots points to spend and this is one of the products that I picked up. I did a blog post about brows about 6 months ago and I am still as big of a fan as I was then.

Brows brows brows! They are a feature that can make or break you, they help sculpt your face and definition is vital. 

When I treat myself I like to look at the Benefit counter, not only is the packaging gorgeous but they also do great products that all have they own special bit of magic in them that other branded products don't. After a little look I picked up the 'gimme brow', I was a bit reluctant at first as it is honestly tiny and therefore the price seems a bit crazy but after speaking to the lady on the beauty counter she managed to sway me into getting it. 

(right brow showing after, left brow showing before)

The tiny little almost mascara like brush is great for precision and the fiber gel gives the impression that there is more hair than there was before. Not only is it water resistant but it also provides you with the most natural looking brows. It comes in two shades, light/medium and medium/deep, I went for the medium/deep as I have dark hair and like my eyebrows to be dark and compliment my other dark features.

(Both brows complete!)

As it is so expensive I am a little reluctant to use it everyday, so if any bloggers out there have a dupe that is as easy to use at the gimme brows, preferably with a mascara style brush to, then please comment below!

Peace and Love
G. x

Mac Studio Fix & Mac Pro Longwear Concealer

When it comes to choosing a foundation, my worst nightmare is either wearing the colour or getting a foundation that isn't the right consistency for my skin. I have mentioned in a post before that I have an everyday foundation and then a more expensive going out foundation that I only really wear on special occasions.

I previously wore Estée Lauder double wear 2.0, but then recently I haven't been a fan of how it looks on my skin, it almost starte

d to melt off my face! So a few weeks ago it was my 21st so I thought its time to treat myself to my some new foundation. I'd heard a lot of good things regarding the Mac Studio Fix from work collegues and beauty bloggers so off I went to the Mac store (Westfield; Stratford).

I'm always a little bit anxious when I go into Mac as all the beauty technicians are gorgeous looking with there make up all done to perfection, but actually it turned out that I was was pleasantly surprised! I signed up to get a colour match and got introduced to the beauty technician called Channon, she was lovely and made me feel at ease, complimenting my complexion and sounding generally interested in my opinions. She asked me what products I was interested in and then grabbed a selection of colours she thought would match my complexion. Channon then started applying two foundations one to one half of my face and the other to the other half- this was so then I could see the difference and see which one I preferred (one was a NW- neutral warm and one was a NC neutral cool).

I chose NW20 as I thought that it was a great match and the foundation looked dewy on my skin almost as if it was glowing and it felt lovely and lightweight that my skin still felt like could breathe. I also mentions to Channon that I was interested in the Pro Long Wear concealer that again I had seen reviews about. Pro Long Wear provides great coverage for under the eyes however it is a lot thicker consistency so you really don't need much. The only thing is that because it is very think is can make your skin look a little dull but by adding a finishing powder this helps to buff it up a little and give an all over equal finish. 

Channon then finished off the rest of my make up by applying blusher etc... So I looked decent enough to continue with my shopping for the rest of the day! Which I thought was a nice touch, as it really showed how the technicians connected with you on a personal level. 

In total I spend £41 on two items:
Studio Fix fluid NC20- £22.50
Pump for the Studio Fix fluid- £4*
Pro Longwear Concealer NW20- £15

*I wasn't made aware of the extra charge for the pump till I was at the till, however it does mean that you are less likely to waste exess and it means it is easier to know how much you need for coverage (I use my full pump squirt and a half) 

It is far to say that I absolutely love my Mac products and will definitely be popping in again to grab some more products. If your looking for a new foundation I would definitely recommend popping into Mac.  

Peace and Love 
G. x